The Trillion Dollar Cyber Security Strategy

Four Secrets – 4 Futures

Are You An Investor That’s…

Not Receiving ALL The Cyber Security Answers?

Concerned About Missing The Alpha Returns?

Constantly Following The Herd?

Regularly Fighting Your Instincts?

About The Investors Breakfast…

Close your eyes, and now imagine what the world would look like by the year 2050.  Imagine being apart of THAT VERY OWN CREATION.

Did you picture flying cars?, Drones?, Watercraft Machines, Super humans?, Air hovering stuff? Yeah us too!

This is your opportunity to learn the alpha matrix and the four futures to our digital pathway.  A formula for research and development and be at the forefront of all emerging talent and technology.

In this 60 minute boardroom breakfast we’re going to dive into our cyber future and start reconstructing your vision to creating our future world.

Learn The Secrets Behind The Four Futures

An exclusive and private 120 minute cyber security boardroom breakfast, Andrew Constantine will help you identify the future trends, cyber markets and why cyber security will be a $1,000,000,000,000+ trillion dollar industry By 2020.  

This session is focused on future trends, deep learning, augmented reality and a rare opportunity to see inside the research facility of the future!

NOTE: Our Boardroom Breakfast Has Limited Spots.  Only 15 Available Per Session.

Young Gun Entrepreneur and Author

Andrew Constantine is a business and technology young gun and the author of the CIO Solution Book.

Andrew started his career straight out of high school and has been working for large corporate companies ever since. Now building a multi-billion dollar vision, enabling Andrew to devote his time outside of work including, investing, philanthropy, cycling and travelling.

Andrew has been featured in 2GB, CSO Australia, Telstra, ABC, SBS, Sydney Morning Herald, Flarrio, 10K Boss Project and more

120 Minutes. 4 Futures.


TUESDAY, 20th February, 2018
Park Hyatt – Sydney
Registration From – 7.30am
Investors and Fund Managers

Book Your Spot To Attend For Just $250

All money raised will be supporting Bear Cottage.


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