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The 3 Secrets – That Will Let You Take Back Control and Win The Cyber Security War

Are You A Business Executive That’s …

Challenged By The Rapid Growth Of
Cyber Threats?

Frustrated By Cyber Security

Feeling Defeated By Risk Exposure?

Concerned About Your Companies Reputation?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the issues above, don’t worry, you are not alone.  The vast majority of Business Executives struggle with these same issues too.

However, smart leaders seek advice from quality mentors and advisors because – truth be told – there is another way.

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Discover 9 Transformational Strategies To Prevent Cyber Threats

Over the last intense 5 years Andrew Constantine has been a private advisor to technology and business leaders helping them build a 3% paradigm. Many of Andrew’s clients now have achieved bullet-proof confidence, 10 out of 10 cyber control and set a benchmark level reputation as ASX listed businesses.

Through troubleshooting, configurations, and errors Andrew has designed his methodologies into 9 core strategies.

For the very first time, Andrew is going to share with you, all of the 9 core strategies and he’s going to do it in just 90 minutes!

Why You’d Be Crazy To Miss This 90 Minute Workshop


“Thanks Andrew for all your advice! I have known Andrew for many years. He has provided excellent service to our Banking Delivery team.”

Kathy Thomas
Kathy ThomasProject Manager, Westpac

“Andrew’s Unorthodox Strategies have really been a significant impact to me. We were able to build a level of clarity and confidence and i’d love to see him achieve his overall mission of educating 10,000 technology leaders all over the world!”

Jay Hira
Jay HiraPCI and Data Privacy Project Manager, QBE

“Over a course of 6 months Andrew has given me a different perspective on networking and infrastructure design and security – He was able to build out a roadmap with knowledge we didn’t receive from other providers. He is a real asset to the community.”

Chris Didaskalou
Chris DidaskalouNetwork Specialist, NSW Health

“Andrew is never one to use marketing jargon or buzzwords; rather he cuts to the chase and helps his clients understand and address issues that matter. Many Thanks.”

Thomas Gao
Thomas GaoCTO/Architect, Uno Homeloans

“I love Andrew’s methodology and his simple approach, to identifying and securing business technology systems. We were so impressed with Andrew’s strategy that we have subsequently chosen to work with him and his team to enable cyber security and analytics services within our clients.”

Rob Zatta
Rob ZattaCIO, iCOMP Business Solutions

Young Gun Entrepreneur and Author

Andrew Constantine is a business and technology young gun and the author of the CIO Solution Book.

Andrew started his career straight out of high school and has been working for large corporate companies ever since. Now building a multi-billion dollar vision, enabling Andrew to devote his time outside of work including, investing, philanthropy, cycling and travelling.

Andrew has been featured in Telstra, ABC, SBS, Sydney Morning Herald, Flarrio, 10K Boss Project and more

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Real Talk From A Private Advisor

We believe Business Executives are smart people, but they are often misled and misguided.

Andrew refuses to sugar coat and believes jargon is useless.  He believes telling it like it is and how it is, rather than beating around the bush.
Because Andrew believes playing chess, while everyone else is playing checkers is the key to delivering transformational results.

Expect, world class content that’s organised, energetic, engaging and not your traditional seminar where you’ll be talked down to.
Rather Inclusive, Collaborative and Network-like-approach.

90 Minutes. 9 Strategies.


THURSDAY, 22nd March, 2018
Four Seasons Hotel – Sydney
Registration From 7.30am
CEOs, CFOs, Boards and Chairmans


THURSDAY, 22nd November, 2018
Four Seasons Hotel – Sydney
Registration From 7.30am
CEOs, CFOs, Boards and Chairmans

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