The Team Behind CIO Cyber Security

Our Vision Is To Educate 10,000 Business and Technology Leaders

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast”
– Peter Drucker

CIO Cyber Security is a private community of technology and business leaders collaborating on all things cyber security. Curious and obsessed about the importance of data privacy and the protection of information assets in our digital world to date. We are an arsenal to the modern businesses in our community by helping them build a 3% paradigm.

Fast forward a few short years and today we are Australia’s largest community of technology and business leaders with over 300 high profile executives.

We Value …

Vibrant Culture

We are passionate about …
creating opportunities for one another. We admire hard work, talent & creating a fun and rewarding environment around us.


We are passionate about …
creating history by executing our imaginations and transforming them to reality.


We are passionate about …
learning.  Always improving and being our absolute best.


We are passionate about …
being fulfilled by our actions and experiences whilst creating a unique successful journey of happiness. We believe in contributing to the greater good. Know your purpose!


We are passionate about …
expecting the unexpected. Sh*t happens, it’s how you react.

How We Help ASX 300 Organisations and Modern Day Businesses

Over the past 5 years we have helped over 20 high profile ASX organisations, over 20 corporate organisations across 10 different industries.  Now working privately with CIOs, CTOs and Other C-Suite Leaders Including CEOs, CFOs and Boards building a benchmark level reputation for leaders and businesses.

From private boardroom sessions, one-on-one’s, exclusive one day masterclasses, super car drive days, golf days, private portal and private community access you’ll have everything you need to ensure you have 10 out 10 cyber security control and a craved benchmark level reputation.  All while having a little fun along the way as well.

Every year we host an exclusive CIO Masterclass for the entire Technology and Business communities here in Australia.  This Masterclass is your opportunity to learn, network and collaborate with the world’s top tier organisations, leaders, speakers, mentors, advisors and top gun talents.  All from a single location.

About Andrew Constantine

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
– Michael Jordan

Andrew Constantine is a young gun business and cyber security entrepreneur, the author of the CIO Solution Book and an international speaker and presenter.

Starting his business at the age of 22, Andrew went on to build a multi-billion dollar vision. Being frustrated no one would listen and take his advice because “What does a 20 something year old know about cyber security”? He decided to venture out on his own and make an impact. His recent book “The CIO Solution” did just that.

This was followed by the launch of CIO Cyber Security, a private advisory firm designed to help fellow Technology Leaders build a benchmark level reputation. Fast forward a few short years and Andrew has mentored and advised over 20 high profile leaders and has delivered over 1000 visual boardroom presentations.

During 2017, Andrew and his team launched “Inside The Mind Of A Hacker”, a private handpicked community of technology and business leaders, networking and collaborating on all things cyber security.

Andrew has been featured on some mainstream publications including the SMH, Telstra, Flarrio, HR Daily, 10K Boss Project, SBS, ABC and more.

Andrew starts his days with 8 scrambled egg whites, loves his protein shakes, goes to the gym twice a day and cycles over 200km’s a week with his loved Focus road bike.

Plus, Andrew is a proud supporter of the charity “Bear Cottage”. Raising money and supporting children with life-limiting conditions.