My 2 Biggest Questions When Hiring I #ChallengeDREW EPO6

It’s all about mindset and practicality. Mindset is something that comes with experience, the ability to think on your feet and respond to threats is critical.

Here are my two questions i ask when i’m hiring technology experts:

1) What’s the worst thing you have ever done?
2) What makes you curious?

In this episode of #ChallengeDREW, Andrew Constantine, CEO and Founder of CIO Cyber Security shows you the 2 biggest questions he asks when hiring talents.

Andrew Constantine is a young gun cyber security advisor, author and international speaker. With a clear vision of education and cyber security awareness. He is the founder of Australia’s largest community of technology and business leaders who are passionate about cyber security and the advancements of technology.

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Meet Andrew Constantine

Andrew Constantine is an entrepreneur and a cyber security advisor who is changing the world of cyber security. He is the CEO of Australia’s largest community of technology and business executives.