Why Are CIOs Always Playing Cyber Warfare Games To Raise More Awareness?

Real world attack simulation.  Is the most important component in ensuring your organisation is ready for any form of cyber threat.  Similarly, a full force tiger team attack (external) designed to bring down the blue team’s’ (Internal) capabilities and resources.  

Ranging from strategies, attacks, threats, downtime and real world scenarios including pro active decision making from 100% of the c suite.

War games are hand in hand designed to identify and test how your organisation is able to respond to a real world cyber attack.  How effective your strategies and technologies are, how prepared your team are and of course raising more awareness to executive management.

These types of cyber warfare games are designed to do 9 core tests:

  1. Test Technology
  2. Test Strategies
  3. Test Decision Making
  4. Test Early Alerting
  5. Test Risk Management
  6. Test Your Team
  7. Test Criticality Assessments
  8. Test Gameplan
  9. Test Innovation

Cyber War Games, is one part of building a benchmark level reputation and a critical component of having 10 out of 10 cyber security control.  It allows organisations to build their confidence by knowing exactly how to identify, react and respond to threats.

In most cases a cyber game has 3 steps.

  1. Exercise
    1. Meaning – preparation to familiarise yourself with principles and attacks that will happen.  This will then drip feed into your own strategies, processes and of course recovery scenarios too.
  2. Game Time!
    1. It’s now game time.  This is where the attacks happen.  The organisation will be hand held through a 10 out of 10 controlled cyber attack and response.  The teams put together assessments of strategies and a sequence of events – while providing advisory and guidance along the way.
  3. “What Could We Have Done Better” (De-brief).
    1. This is where all the metrics come into play.  Analysis and adaptation, risk assessments, criticality warnings, decision making and full analysis of the real world attack simulations.


Meet Andrew Constantine

Andrew Constantine is an entrepreneur and a cyber security advisor who is changing the world of cyber security. He is the CEO of Australia’s largest community of technology and business executives.

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