Talent VS Ego In Cyber Security I #ChallengeDREW 10

Most organisations hire employees. Employees working to a job description. With the world rapidly evolving, the massive flooding of mobile applications, phones, IoT and networks growing is become a real frustration for organisation and technology leaders to manage their environments.

The most powerful trait in a cyber criminal, ethical or unethical security expert is EGO. EGO is by choice, we learn, we develop, we better ourselves and most cases we need to think we are great in order to be great, which leaves it all to mindset. You believe it. You can achieve it.

Andrew Constantine is changing the face of cyber security for organisations. He is the founder of Australia’s largest and private community of technology leaders for corporate organisations, CIO Cyber Security. Prior to CIO Cyber Security, Andrew worked with many large ASX organisations helping them build a cyber safe community in Australia.

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Meet Andrew Constantine

Andrew Constantine is an entrepreneur and a cyber security advisor who is changing the world of cyber security. He is the CEO of Australia’s largest community of technology and business executives.

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