The 5 Stages Of Hacking | #ChallengeDREW EP05

Many organisations are unaware of how cyber criminals operate. In fact 97% of organisations across Australia operate in this space. It’s critical to understand how cyber criminals operate, behave, think and more importantly at what stages they do this in.

In this episode of #ChallengeDREW, Andrew Constantine, CEO and Founder of CIO Cyber Security walks through the 5 stages of hacking and being hacked. It’s a fundamental approach and perspective of the different phases of being hacked.

Andrew Constantine is changing the face of cyber security for organisations. He is the founder of Australia’s largest and private community of technology leaders for corporate organisations, CIO Cyber Security. Prior to CIO Cyber Security, Andrew worked with many large ASX organisations helping them build a cyber safe community in Australia.

Leave your questions in the comments or #ChallengeME if you want me to answer any of your questions.

Meet Andrew Constantine

Andrew Constantine is an entrepreneur and a cyber security advisor who is changing the world of cyber security. He is the CEO of Australia’s largest community of technology and business executives.

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